Pasta alla Norma
Ingredients for pasta (4 portions)
  • 3 eggs
  • semolina flour 150 g
  • wheat flour 100 g
Ingredients for dish (4 portions)
  • eggplant diced and soaked in cold water 250 g
  • cherry tomatoes cut in half 120 g
  • Napoletana sauce 500 ml
  • 2 sprigs of basil
  • Mozzarella mini balls cut in half 80 g
  • salt, pepper
  • olive oil
Step 1
Mix both flours together.
Step 2
Sprinkle the flour on a clean countertop, make a hole in the middle, and then crack the eggs into it.
Step 3
Beat the eggs with a fork and then slowly combine them with the flour.
Step 4
When the dough is less sticky, knead it into a dense ball.
Step 5
Divide the dough into smaller portions. Insert them into the pasta machine and roll until the dough reaches the desired thickness and length.
Step 6
Using a suitable cutter, cut the dough sheets into strips of the desired width. Sprinkle the finished pasta evenly with flour and set it aside.
Step 7
Take out the chopped eggplant from cold water and dry. Fry eggplant in olive oil over medium heat until golden brown. Drain it of olive oil and set aside.
Step 8
Put the cherry tomatoes halves in the same pan and pour the Napoletana sauce. Bring to a boil.
Step 9
Add fried eggplant and basil leaves.
Step 10
Put the pasta in salted, boiling water for about 2 minutes until it reaches the desired softness.
Step 11
Mix the pasta thoroughly with the sauce and cook everything for another 1-2 minutes. Season with salt and pepper as desired. Decorate with mozzarella balls.
Enjoy your meal!