The measure of success in the Team is commitment, collaboration, creativity and developing skills in unusual situations. Contact me if you are looking for a solid Event Planner to integrate your Team in a cooking or painting fun activities

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Aleksandra Korowajska
Leader in experiential team building events
Using Art to ignite team creativitiy
N.1 In culinary team building
Team-building through Wine
Proven team building methodology:
We have a unique formula that makes all our events "EPIC", as they are engineer to leverage on moments of Engagement, Pride, Insight and Connection
Team engagement is the n.1 Priority at work and during team building exercises.
Our events reinforce the feeling of belonging, making sure that each member feels proud to contribute to the whole. We also use Hands-on activities and celebration of achievements to reinforce the pride of the team.
All our events have important moments of insight where people learn new skills, and insights about each other.
Our Team building activities foster communication among participants, improving emotional connection and collaboration.
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
Our Experiences
Launched in 2012, CULINARYON stages one-of-a-kind premium culinary events that combine education and entertainment and maximise engagement through hands-on experiences.

Art-Parties with taste, combining hands-on painting classes with fun and engaging entertainment and amazing F&B offer.
Launched in April 2019, is an ideal experience to complement EPIC product portfolio.

An innovative experience, launched in 2019, combining the noble worlds of wine with the thrill of Las Vegas, brought to you in an exclusive blind tasting appreciation game.
Our venue
ETHOS: Plac Trzech Krzyży 10/14
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