Online Culinary Masterclass!
Welcome to the unique CulinaryOn - culinary workshops online. Home office and different location is not a problem for us, you don't have to do anything except having fun!
We are waiting for you on Thursday, April 22nd at 15:00.

Cooking together with
our experienced chefs

How it all will look like?
15:00 We start - get ready! Positive attitude is the key.
15:05 Introduction
It is time to discuss safety rules, set up work in the kitchen, so it is comfortable and speak a bit about the menu.
15:15 Ready? We are cooking
Check if you have everything you need? We start with appetizers! Our chef will take you for a culinary journey.
16:15 - lets start with coctails!
We will be mixing two coctails.
17:15 Name the Tune
We will start special part with guess the melody activity. You will be playing in two gameplays.
Meet the Team!
Jakub Botta
Kitchen Chef CulinaryOn
Jakub Botta is a passionate cook. He is pugnacious in the kitchen, breaks conventions and loves to experiment. He is closest to Polish and Mediterranean cuisine. He willingly shares his knowledge during workshops and live cooking shows. He worked in iconic Warsaw restaurants, such as Belvedere or Smaki Warszawy. He was also a chef at the Quale restaurant in Łódź. Organizer of many culinary events and supporter of traditional regional products. His dream is to publish a culinary book and open his own restaurant. A member of the Irish Beef Club, he is an ambassador of Irish lamb and beef in Poland. He also presented his skills in the TOP CHEF program.
A lover of art, good music and fast cars.

Jakub Lasecki
Active in the Warsaw gastronomy for over 8 years, Kuba has been involved in opening and delevoping different bar concepts around the city. A born host who knows that the proper experience comes not only from the taste of food and drinks, but also the show made around it. Specializes in modern cocktails and the history of spirits. Privately he's an escape room enthusiast and all kinds of pets lover.
Magdalena Potrykus
Event Manager
She will guide you through culinary fun with a smile (absolutely unique).
What will we prepare?
We will prepare two delicious appetizers for two!
Below you will find a list of ingredients that you should buy, cooking equipment the preparation of which we will ask you before the start of the event. Thank you :)
Avocado 2 pcs
Large orange 1 pc
Lime 1 pc
Chilli 1 small piece
Red onion 1 small piece
Garlic clove 1 pc
Fresh Coriander 30 g
Salt and pepper - to taste
Halloumi cheese - 1 cube
Frying oil 100 ml

    Halloumi cheese fries on guacamole with orange

    Cooking equipment:
    • cooking pot 2-4L
    • a pan with a diameter of 20-26cm
    • grate
    • knife and cutting board
    • paper towel
    • bowl
    The French baguette bread, thick around 1,5 cm
    Sundries tomato in oil
    The artichoke marinate in oil
    Salt and pepper to taste

    Bruschetta with sun-dried tomatoes and artichokes
    Cooking equipment:
    • bowl
    • mixer or blender
    • knife and cutting board

    We will prepare two unique cocktails, you will be able to feel like a real bartender!
    Try to buy special set for coctails like on the picture. If not, just shaker will be enough.

    Bacardi Carta Blanca 40ml
    Passion fruit puree 40ml
    Banana 100g
    Lemon juice 40ml
    Cranberry juice 40ml

    A light, tropical cocktail based on rum and fresh fruit. A well-balanced, sweet and sour taste that will make you feel like you are on vacation.

    Strawberry puree 60 ml
    Lime juice 30 ml
    Simple syrup / honey 20 ml
    Cardamom 3 grains
    Mint 3-4 twigs
    Soda (Sparkling Water) 200 ml
    Strawberry Virgin Mojito

    Another fresh and light coctail - this time without alcohol! A beloved classic straight from the beach parties. Ommiting rum doesn't stand for ommiting fun!
      "Name the Tune?"
      We will organize a well-known party game - "Name that tune".
      As you cook, you will guess passwords. First come first served!

      What do we need?

      Please prepare your mobile phone, during the workshop we will display a QR code on the screen, which will redirect you to our application. It will help us in the game. :)
      The secret ingredient of all dishes is a good attitude - don't forget to take it with you. See you soon.
      Jakub Botta